A fascination with photography is where the Capricorn Studios journey began, a few decades ago.

We have covered almost every genre of photography over the years, from traditional studio portraiture to big open space landscapes, from weddings, to Christenings, to funerals. We’ve taken pictures and interviewed protestors on the streets of Jamestown, Chicago and London.

Our extensive photographic experience includes commercial micro stock, travel, sport, corporate headshots, wildlife, nature, interiors, editorial news, food, fashion, glamour, product, street, event, astro, industrial… there has been a lot!

In 2020 we added drone photography to our ‘tool box,’ which has opened up a fascinating new adventure world with the camera.


Commercial photography has become our operating area of preference in more recent years.

Marketing and promotional imagery is a particular area of interest for us, especially working with groups or organisations on campaigns that require designing and shooting of creative concepts.

From our well-equipped studio we are able to craft images with a precise control over lighting and styling, allowing us to build and shape a final look with great accuracy.

But we are just as adept at lighting and shooting on location, both indoor and outside in the elements, with knowledge and experience of working in a wide range of environments.


Professional headshots and business portraiture is part of the Capricorn Studios services.

We offer high quality real estate imagery, both the fine detail of interiors as well as exteriors and landscaping.