Behind-the-scenes on First Generation project


Capricorn Studios is a very experienced, two-person, multi-media production company specialising in photography and videography, operating from St Helena Island.

Production Value

Managing and producing high standards of work on a wide range of media-based projects, is what Capricorn Studios has been all about. Whether it’s bespoke and new, or seemingly more routine yet no less important, we love to help shape early ideas, manage production and bring concepts to life!

Skills we bring include planning, creative design, script-writing, project management, lighting, sound design, producing, directing, post-production, marketing & promotion and more.

Whether it’s cultural photography exhibitions with delicate content matter, the production of environmental documentary films on a rainy mountainside, or the energy and unpredictability of a fashion shoot bobbing around on a boat – whatever it is, we love to get immersed and fully involved.

Capturing and preserving special moments, documenting events in real time, communicating a hopeful message, inspiring, educating and entertaining – our projects have covered a lot.


At the core of the Capricorn Studios adventure has always been the camera.

From 35mm SLRs and Super-VHS camcorders, back in the early 90s, all the way through to drones and the high-res, high-spec digital equipment of today. The technology in our field seems to advance more rapidly every year, which makes photography and filmmaking more exciting than ever with ever-increasing creative possibilities.

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We are always keen to work on project ideas that make use of the Capricorn Studios services, both locally and internationally.

If it involves anything with the camera, get in touch with your idea. Chances are, we can help.

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