Interview at the airport



Two-camera coverage of weddings, in the mid-90s, was how we got started building our videography skills. (There’s nothing quite like the ‘one-chance only’ pressure that comes with videoing weddings)

In those early years we shot a wide range of projects – local stage shows that included everything from beauty pageants to musical performances; school plays, sports and traditional event celebrations.

We’ve written and produced our own documentary films, which include both Ascension Island and St Helena, as well as ‘A Voyage on the RMS St Helena.’ From commissions, we’ve also produced documentary, event, news programmes (for local TV) and training videos.

In 2005, working with the local youth group New Horizons, we produced the drama film, ‘Narrow Daylight,’ as a World AIDS Day educational project.

Just a quick overview so you get a flavour of our experience and sense of history as videographers and filmmakers.


After a prolonged period concentrating attention mostly on stills photography, we are now starting to produce videos again.

Today our videography utilises a drone, DSLRs, action cameras and even mobile phones. A digital revolution that’s a long way from those early days of the shoulder-mounted Panasonic camcorders powered with huge lead-acid batteries and storing 3 hours of footage on bulky VHS tapes!

Since 2020 we’ve been re-investing time and resources in skills training, and upgrading our videography post-production capabilities.

It really is an exciting age to be videographers.


Our different video production capabilities include:

  • Marketing & Travel Promotions
  • Corporate Promotional
  • Documenting and Documentary
  • Training

Compared to the early days and as a result of the changes in technology, our style of preferred video projects has shifted somewhat. While we are excited by the advances in technology it does mean our capability has become a bit more specialised when it comes to video productions.

Live event videography, such as lengthy stage shows that require continuous real-time recording, is much more challenging for us to cover.

Instead, our studio is now equipped for crafting more intricate film projects to convey a storyline, assembling creative shots over extended time periods and different locations. This includes interviews, indoor or on location.


Certain videography projects have proved not to be viable and therefore no longer a service we offer. This includes weddings, Christenings, funerals and private parties.

Live events, such as stage shows or extended presentation style functions are difficult to cover with our current studio setup. However, depending on the detail of how your event is structured it may be something we could consider.


Get in touch with your project idea, we look forward to hearing from you.

The City of Jamestown

For anyone considering living or taking up a job opportunity on St Helena, this short film gives some insight to what you can expect to find in the island’s capital, Jamestown. This 2023 production includes sampling the prestigious St Helena coffee, night swimming at the Jamestown pool, noisy street parades to celebrate the national day and spotting the colourful fish in the Castle Gardens fountain, are some of the activities to experience.

Commissioned by: Human Resources Department of the St Helena Government

Air Traffic Controller

Filmed at St Helena Airport in 2022, promoting the role of the Air Traffic Controller in ensuring the safe movement of aircraft. Featuring Controller, Dayle Russell, during flight day operation of the arrival and departure of the weekly Airlink service, from South Africa.

12 Great Reasons to Visit St Helena

Twelve, 90-second promotional films, originally produced as ‘Show Reels’ for the 12 contestants in the Miss St Helena 2022 pageant. Original scripts written by each of the young ladies who also present the films. Features include Jacob’s Ladder, A Day Sailing and Heart-Shaped Waterfall.

Finding the Bus Terminal at OR Tambo International Airport

This film is was made primarily to help people travelling to and from St Helena. Navigating this busy international airport can seem a little overwhelming, especially after a long international flight. We filmed this as a walk-through, from disembarking a flight to catching the shuttle bus at the Bus Terminal.

St Helena Cloud Forest Project

Biodiversity – 2022

The St Helena Cloud Forest Project is a highly collaborative multi-year project to implement the St Helena Peak’s National Park Management Plan under three key work strands or pillars. The first of these is the biodiversity pillar.

Queen’s Baton visiting St Helena

The Queen’s Baton Relay for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games made a visit to St Helena in December 2021. A tour of the island districts was arranged, beginning in Rupert’s Bay at 8am and finishing in Jamestown over 12 hours later. This short film (13mins) captures the flavour of the day as people from different districts came out for a picture with the Baton as it toured the island.

Driving on St Helena

The drone and GoPro cameras came into their own during the making of this video. We produced this in 2022, a short video of tips and insights for driving on St Helena, designed to help the first-time visitor have a safe and enjoyable experience getting around the island. 

Aviation Weather Forecasting

A short film looking at the work of the weather forecaster, based at St Helena Airport. Filmed at the end of 2021, this film was designed to share insights of the role for school leavers, to help them with understanding career choices and the qualifications required.

Zen Yoga by the Sea on St Helena

Part 5 or a 5-part sequence of Zen Yoga, with instructor, Mark Westmoquette. Filmed on the Rupert’s Jetty on St Helena. This shoot involved three camera angles, including the drone.